How to Improve Your Sales Meetings

Remember when you were attending sales meetings, not leading them? In general, you felt they were a waste of time. All you could think about was your next sales appointment. You wanted to be with your customers, not with sales team members who were as antsy as you.

Inject real meaning and purpose to your sales meetings by changing things up. Try these solution selling training tips:

  • Stay Focused.  Prepare an agenda, distribute it to all who will attend and stick to it…cover item by item, respect time limits and end the meeting when promised.
  • Add Value.  Add some value. Do not just review numbers. Build in some training or discuss challenging customer situations together. Bring the experience and perspectives of the entire team to bear on hard-to-win deals.  
  • Recognize Wins. Yes, you will want to point out areas of weakness in the sales strategy but do not neglect to celebrate successes.

Make your meetings the ones salespeople attend and respect. Keep the sessions on topic, meaningful, and punctual.

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