4 Ways to Better Connect on Sales Calls with Your Customers

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There is lots of talk in solution selling training circles about building relationships with your clients. But few dig into what kinds of conversations actually promote the relationship and, at the same time, carry the sales process forward.

There are a few basic ingredients that should be part of every interaction you have with your clients. If your overall objective is to help your client to succeed, you need to show them that you truly understand what matters most, that you truly want to help in a way that makes sense, and that you truly have the means to help them be successful. This is the foundation of solution selling training. 

Here are the mechanics of a sales conversation that can help you connect more powerfully with your target customers:

1. Establish a purpose for the call. Know specifically what your goal is. It should not be vague; “getting to know your client” or “meeting and greeting” will not cut it. Value your time and respect your client’s time by setting up a compelling and timely reason for the call. Be sure you have a valid business reason…one that will resonate with the client and that will help them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

2. Confirm the rationale for the meeting. Who knows what might have changed in the client’s world since you last talked? Make sure they still find the purpose worthy of their attention now. If so, continue. If not, ask if there is something they would rather focus on. If the answer is still no, you have saved yourself some time that you can use to move on to another opportunity.

3. Make sure you have something of value to contribute to the discussion. You are not there just to listen. Be sure that you can offer a credible insight or perspective that will increase your value to the client.

4. Think about what the customer can do for you. Strong relationships are in balance. There is mutual respect and a relatively equitable give-and-take. What can you ask of your customer to ensure their ongoing engagement? Perhaps a meeting with an executive stakeholder or an opportunity to present your ideas to their extended team.

Once the meeting is over, be sure you set aside some time to de-brief with a mentor or colleague. Was your purpose clearly stated and agreed to by the client? In the course of the conversation, were you able to provide a fresh perspective or a new approach that enhanced your credibility with the customer? In the end, was the customer willing to take the suggested and desired next step? Your honest appraisal of the meeting will help you continue to improve your customer interactions and grow your business. 

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