Three No-Nos for Sales Managers

Managing any team takes a multitude of skills…but managing a sales team seems the most difficult of all. Not only is your success measured almost purely by the numbers you pull in but you must also manage individuals who are often more comfortable working solo than on a team.

  1. Letting your salespeople pursue deals that cannot be won. Step in and redirect them to more promising opportunities that match your target client profile and situation. Perseverance can be admirable but not when it will be non-productive in the end.
  2. Holding on to poor performers. No one wins when you let a salesperson “coast.” Team members are de-motivated, the team does not hit its numbers, and you lose credibility as a leader.  Make performance metrics clear, fair and transparent and then act quickly to support or let go of under performers.
  3. Allowing forecasts to slip. Keep on top of the most promising deals and coach your salespeople to work with their customers to close big deals on time.
If you can steer clear of these three critical mistakes, you will deserve kudos for your superior sales management.

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