Sales Coaching + Solution Selling Training = Success

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Coaching in any arena is an interactive process. Whether on the athletic field or on a corporate sales team, it occurs person-to-person and its objective is to provide perspective and improve performance. The focus is not necessarily only on outcomes; coaching more appropriately focuses on the behaviors and strategies that, in the final analysis, get the desired results.

Here are some best practices for sales coaches who work as a follow-on to customized solution selling training programs:
  1. Set up a sales coaching scheduleRegular, frequent, structured meetings are the most effective long-term. With an agreed-upon agenda and a standard meeting time, both the coach and coachee are increasingly committed to the relationship and the specific goals and objectives they have set. The process becomes so embedded in the learner’s weekly program that behavior change is just part of their plan and expectation.

  2. Select (and/or train) the right sales coachesCoaching well requires special solution selling skills. Coaches need to genuinely care about the success of the person they are assigned, know how to give feedback in a constructive way, fully understand the consultative sales process and be experts in sales performance management. The better your sales coaches, the better the sales results. If you don’t have good sales coaches internally, look outside the company for sales coaching experts who know how to do it right.

  3. Provide multiple sales and leadership toolsFace-to-face meetings or side-by-side sessions in the field may be the best venues for sales coaching, but they may not always be possible. When a sales coach must work virtually, try to provide them with a variety of delivery methods. How about simulations that are designed to teach specific skills like negotiating or presenting effectively? There is an element of competition in simulations that increases engagement. Another method is to conduct meetings by webcam. The interpersonal connection is more powerful than meetings by phone.

Sales coaching is the perfect answer to your desire to continue the learning beyond the solution selling training program. Sales coaches can encourage the value selling skills you know breed success and see that those sales skills are practiced correctly on the job. 

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