3 Most Common Sales Process Breakdowns

If your sales team is not realizing the profits they forecasted, it is time to take a close, and very analytical, look at your sales process. You need to figure out, and fast, where the sales process is breaking down.

Here are 3 questions to ask put together by a group of solution selling training experts.

      1.     How well are you filling your pipeline? Do you have a process for finding new opportunities and for qualifying leads? You need a robust system to prospect for potential customers. Whether you use an inside sales force or an effective referral system, make sure it is replenishing your sales funnel regularly with qualified leads.

      2.     Are your deals stalling mid-stream? Then you probably are not doing an adequate job of gaining the kind of commitment from the buyer at key customer buying points that will advance the sale in a way that makes sense.

      3.     Do you struggle to close? Go down the following checklist:

o    Did you create value all along the buying cycle to those who matter most?
o    Did you address risk and manage objections?
o    Did you gain consensus?
o    Did you gain agreement on next steps?

Once you know the general sales stage with the biggest problems, you can focus on fixing it.

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